For my creative project for our Soviet Science Fiction course I have made a cookbook/blog of recipes inspired by the various movies and works we studied this semester. Cooking and learning about food’s history are some of my favorite hobbies. I wanted to find a way to creatively transfer that love to this project. Food carries a rich history of the people and cultures that create it. For this cookbook, I wanted to create recipes that either expanded upon foods in the works or ones that were inspired by themes from the works. Some of them take a more literal approach and some are more abstract. I hope you enjoy reading through these recipes.

“We” Kasha

“The Amphibian Man” Grilled Fish with Salsa Fresca

“Solaris” Salad

Per Aspera Ad AstraWatermelon Juice

“Kin-Dza-Dza!” Luts


I would like to thank my mother and grandmother for fostering my love for cooking and introducing me to their cultures through the dishes of their respective homes, Mie my housemate for introducing me to many Russian dishes, and Masha for showing us all of these books and movies.